Unthinkable Thoughts

This essay is inspired by Dr Mercola’s announcement last week that (reading between the lines) his life and his family’s have been threatened if he doesn’t remove from his web site a peer-reviewed study demonstrating the benefits of vitamin D and zinc in prevention of the worst COVID outcomes. In the present Orwellian era, where propaganda and deception are ubiquitous, one of the signposts of truth that I have learned to respect is that the most important truths are the most heavily censored.

This is not what I enjoy writing about, but as I find dark thoughts creeping into my consciousness, perhaps it is better to put them on paper with supporting logic and invite my readers to help me clarify the reasoning and, perhaps, to point a way out of the darkness.

Already in January, 2020, two ideas about COVID were emerging. One is that there were people and institutions who seemed to have anticipated the event, and were planning for it for a long time. Gates, Fauci, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine were among the prescient. (I credit the (now deleted) videos of Spiro Skouras.) Second was the genetic evidence suggesting that COVID had a laboratory origin. Funders of the scientific establishment have lost their bid to ridicule this idea, and it has now leaked into the mainstream, where it is fused with the classical yellow peril propaganda: “China did it!”. I have cited evidence that America is likely equally culpable.

The confluence of these two themes suggests the dark logic that I take for my topic today: Those who knew in advance, not only that there would be a pandemic but that it would be a Coronavirus, were actually responsible for engineering this pandemic.

Immediately, I think: How could people capable of such sociopathic enormities be occupying the most powerful circles of the world’s elite? And what would be their motivation? I don’t have answers to these questions, and I will leave speculation to others. But there’s one attractive answer that I find less compelling: that it’s a money-maker for the large and criminal pharmaceutical industry. The new mRNA vaccines are already the most profitable drugs in history, but I think that shutdown of world economies, assassinations of world leaders, deep corruption of science, and full-spectrum control of the mainstream narrative imply a larger power base than can plausibly be commanded by the pharma industry.

Instead, I’ll try to follow the scientific and medical implications of the hypothesis that COVID is a bioweapon.

The Spike Protein

The spike protein is the part of the virus structure that interfaces with the host cell. SARS 1 and SARS 2 viruses both have spike proteins that bind to a human cell receptor called ACE-2, common in lung cells but also present in other parts of the body. Binding to the cell’s ACE-2 receptor is like the wolf knocking at the door of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. “Hello, grandmama. I’m your granddaughter. Please let me in.” The virus is a wolf wearing a red cape and hood, pretends to be an ACE-2 enzyme molecule seeking entrance to the cell.

In order to enter the cell, the virus must break off from the spike protein and leave it at the doorstep, so to speak. This is an important and difficult step, as it turns out. Unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a trick for making the separation. Just at the edge of the protein is a furin cleavage site. Furin is an enzyme that snips protein molecules, and it is common in our bodies, with legitimate metabolic uses. A furin cleavage site is a string of 4 particular amino acids that calls to furin, “hey — come over here. I’m a protein that needs snipping.”

The most compelling evidence for a laboratory origin of COVID is that coronaviruses don’t have furin cleavage sites, and until last year, this trick has never evolved naturally.

How we think about natural disease

The classical understanding of a viral or bacterial disease is this: A parasite is an organism that uses the host’s resources for its own reproduction. It is evolved to reproduce efficiently. If it has co-evolved with the host, it may be evolved to spare the host’s health, or even to promote it, because this is the optimal long-term strategy for any predator or parasite. But newly-emerged parasites can do well for awhile even if they disable or kill their hosts, and this is the kind of disease that is most damaging to us. The damage is done because the (young) virus’s strategy is to reproduce rapidly and disperse itself into the environment where it can find new hosts. The virus has no interest in harming the host, and was not evolved to this end, but this is a side-effect of commandeering the body’s resources for its own reproduction.

How engineered diseases can be different

A bioweapon virus is designed to cause a certain kind of harm.

  • What kind of harm? It depends on the projected use for the weapon.
  • Doesn’t the virus have to reproduce? Probably, for most weapon applications; but a bioweapon is not necessarily designed for rapid reproduction. A bioweapon can be designed as a “sleeper” to remain dormant for months or years, or to cause incremental disability over a long period.

If COVID had evolved naturally, we would expect that its spike protein would be adapted to mate well with the human ACE-2 receptor. There’s no reason to suspect it being otherwise biologically active. But if COVID is engineered, it may be that the spike protein itself has been designed to make us sick.

One reason this is significant is that the vaccines have all been designed around the spike protein, assuming that the spike protein were metabolically neutral. If the virus had been naturally evolved, this is a reasonable assumption. But if it came from a laboratory (whether it leaked or was deliberately released) the spike protein might actually be the agent of damage. There are several reasons to suspect that this is the case.

The Spike Protein as an Active Pathogen

Back in February, 2020, this article noted that the spike protein was not perfectly optimized to bind to human ACE-2 and put this forward as a proof that “SARS-CoV-2 is not a purposefully manipulated virus.” But if someone were designing the virus to cause harm, the spike protein would be a convenient locus for the damage vector, so the spike might have been designed with twin purposes in mind, binding and toxicity. The spike protein appears in many copies around the “crown” of the coronavirus. Since each copy has a furin cleavage site at its base, many spike proteins will break off into the bloodstream. We now have several reports and hypotheses concerning the spike protein as an active agent of damage. The spike protein is suspected of causing blood clots, of inducing long-lasting neurological damage, and of causing infertility. Many anecdotes describe injuries to un-vaccinated people who have been in close proximity to vaccinated, prompting speculation about “shedding” the spike protein.

“Individuals with COVID-19 experience a vast number of neurological symptoms, such as headaches, ataxia, impaired consciousness, hallucinations, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage. But autopsy studies have yet to find clear evidence of destructive viral invasion into patients’ brains, pushing researchers to consider alternative explanations of how SARS-CoV-2 causes neurological symptoms….


If not viral infection, what else could be causing injury to distant organs associated with COVID-19? The most likely culprit that has been identified is the COVID-19 spike protein released from the outer shell of the virus into circulation. Research cited below* has documented that the viral spike protein is able to initiate a cascade of events that triggers damage to distant organs in COVID-19 patients.

Worryingly, several studies have found that the spike proteins alone have the capacity to cause widespread injury throughout the body, without any evidence of virus.


What makes this finding so disturbing is that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer and currently being administered throughout the U.S. program our cells to manufacture this same coronavirus spike protein as a way to trigger our bodies to produce antibodies to the virus.” [Global Research article, Feb 2021]

Note: the Astra-Zeneca and J&J vaccines are also based on the spike protein, and cause the spike protein to be created in the vaccinated person.

* “Research cited below” refers to this study in Nature which reports that the spike protein, injected into mice, crosses into the brain, where it causes neurological damage.

Bigger news came just this week from a study in which researchers from California’s Salk Institute collaborated with Chinese virologists. They have found that the bare spike protein without the virus (injected in mice) can cause damaged arteries of the kind that lead to heart disease and strokes in humans. The original paper was published in Circulation Research, and the Salk Institute issued a news report describing the research.

One of the most credible dangers of the spike protein involves fertility. None of the vaccines were tested in pregnant women, and yet many government and other authorities are recommending it as safe for pregnant women. VAERS has reported 174 miscarriages to date after COVID vaccination. VAERS is notoriously underreported. I find the anecdotes less concerning than the fact that no one is taking this seriously, and research is being actively discouraged in the best-respected science journals.

There is a credible mechanism, in that the spike protein is partially homologous to syncytin. Syncytin, in fact, was originally a retroviral protein, inserted into the mammalian genome many aeons ago, and evolved over the ages to play an essential role in reproduction, binding the placenta to the fetus. An immune response that attacks syncytin might be expected to impose a danger of spontaneous abortion. In any ordinary times, this would be a subject that medical researchers would jump on, with animal tests and field surveys to assess the danger. But these are no ordinary times, and the risk is being dismissed on theoretical grounds without investigation. This is especially suspicious in the context of history: a Gates Foundation vaccination program in 1995 was allegedly promoted to young women, causing infertility. (Yes, I know there are many fact-checkers eager to “debunk” this story, but I don’t find them convincing, and some of these fact-checkers are compromised by Gates funding.)

Even doing what the spike protein is supposed to do — tying up ACE2 — can be a problem for our lungs and arteries, which are routinely protected by ACE2.

The most dangerous possibility, suspected but not verified, is that the spike protein causes a prion cascade. Prions are paradoxical pathogens, in that they are misfolded proteins that cause misfolded proteins. Their evolutionary etiology is utterly mysterious, so much so that it took Stanley Prusiner a decade after describing the biology of prions before the scientific community would take prion biochemistry seriously. But prions make potent bioweapons, which laboratories can design outside of natural evolutionary dynamics. The possibility of prion-like structures in the spike protein was noted very early in the pandemic based on a computational study. This recent review combines theoretical, laboratory, and observational evidence to make a case for caution. Once again, I find it disturbing that this possibility is being dismissed on theoretical grounds rather than investigated in the lab and the field.

Where did the idea come from that all vaccines are automatically safe? Why do so many journalists dismiss the suggestion that vaccines should be placebo-tested individually, like all other drugs? Why has it become routine to ridicule and denigrate scientists who ask questions about vaccine safety as politically-motivated luddites, or “anti-vaxxers”? How did we get to a situation where the “precautionary principle” means pressuring young people who are at almost no risk for serious COVID to accept a vaccine which has not been fully tested or approved? I don’t have answers, but I do know who benefits from this culture.

Putting together all the evidence

  • Knowledge beforehand
  • Suppression of treatments and cures
  • Toxicity of the spike protein which, if it had been made by nature, should have been benign
  • Inclusion of the toxic spike protein in the vaccines that are supposed to protect us
  • Heavy promotion of  these scantily-tested vaccines and
  • Censorship of scientists and doctors who question the vaccines’ safety

… putting together all this evidence, it is difficult to escape the inference that powerful people and organizations have engineered this pandemic with deadly intent.

172 thoughts on “Unthinkable Thoughts

  1. It is very scary. Any hint at being skeptical or asking why there are no animal test for the vaccine is easily dismissed. Something fetid is amiss.

    The powerful have spoken and it is a petrifying time to those who want to those with inquisitive minds.

  2. Is it true that the vaccines were not tested for placebo-case during phase 1-2-3-4 and FDA approval?

    Here in Spain (EU) they say all the time in TV channels, Governments, “Scientists” (Medical Drs. Immunologists rather). They never ask to scientists except for a woman at CSIC -similar to NIH-, she is always the same in all TV chains..)etc everybody “correct” that of course all the vaccines EU approved have passed all the legal necessary controls and phases 1 to 4)

      • The biggest problem with all the vaccine trials is the way systematic error was treated. PCR will introduce systematic error if it is used improperly. PCR works great for nucleic acid research and it can be used to ascertain population exposure to a virus. However, PCR by itself can only show that someone has been exposed in the past to a virus. PCR cannot tell if a current ILI is due to a particular virus. And PCR is subject to a _huge_ false negative rate with a low of 20% for the _best_ case which is doing the PCR on day three post symptom onset. If covid is cycled at 37 and influenza is cycled at 27, the chance of a misdiagnosis being labeled as “covid” is 1000 times that of a misdiagnosis being labeled as “influenza”.

        The way to remove systematic error due to PCR is to culture virus like Didier Raoult did and like Carl Heneghan suggested in his meta-analysis of PCR and viral cultures.

        The upshot is that there is serious reason to question the covid cases in the placebo arm and whether someone in the vaccine arm had been exposed to covid before getting the vaccine. Efficacy will have been inflated if these things had an impact on results.

        Basically, if someone in the placebo arm has influenza, but the overcycled PCR gives a covid positive, then an error will have been introduced and raise perceived efficacy.

        If someone in the vaccine arm had been exposed to covid but it was missed because of a PCR false negative at day one, then there is uncertainty whether that person’s protection from covid is due to the vaccine or his own immune system and again perceived tefficacy is likely inflated.

        • If your hypothesis were correct it would mean that vaccines designed to prevent Covid were actually preventing influenza and also that they were far more effective than vaccines specifically designed for influenza. That makes no sense at all and so I conclude that you are wrong.

      • what i understood was that all of the animals died when later exposed to an actual virus… so that this is simply not referenced.

    • Here’s a question about the trials that has mystified me. If any of you has an answer, please let me know.
      People who receive the vaccine test positive for COVID. This is because the PCR test looks for the spike protein, not the whole virus. People who get the spike protein from the vaccine test positive. This is not just theory–it’s been observed in many places.
      And yet the companies that did the trials tell us that they used the PCR test to see how many people got COVID, comparing vaccinated test subjects to controls. And, of course, they found that many more of the controls than the test subjects tested positive. I can’t make sense of this. AFAIK, most people who have had the vaccine test positive on the PCR test because of the spike protein.

      • Test subjects will test positive for a certain amount of time following vaccination. Control group showed higher rates of test positivity following this initial period.

      • Explain the mode of action for this vaccine. Is there no attenuated virus? Does that mean you have no resistance to the virus. Your immune systems sees the spike protein the virus you have acquired is producing and attacks that but not the virus except for normal response by the innate immune system. Is this correct?

  3. So the cunning plan of these nefarious “global elites” was to reduce global population by cooping up young couples at home for long periods with little to do…

    • Well, Jim:

      If a couple is infertile, being in proximity, and thus, as you imply….having more sex, will not make them fertile.

      I think the lockdowns are more likely a scheme to isolate people, as a strategy to stifle the “town square.”

      Doing so definitely prevents the free exchange of thought through the sharing of ideas, beliefs, doubts, concern, etc., with people that are trusted neighbors, friends or acquaintances.

      It’s likely, the same reason perhaps that they do not want people attending church or synagogue services, yet allow them to go to Walmart to shop among strangers they are unlikely to speak with or be influenced by.

    • Actually Jim… if you look at birth rates they have and are declining rapidly in all developed nations….. search engine Jim, use them… or if you are too lazy, at least pick out a damn non-traditional news aggregator and follow that. damn.

    • yes unemployed couples with most people using birth control, will suddenly plan to go off of birth control.

    • Obviously you don’t follow the news? The statistics now show there was absolutely NO baby boom due to what was done/lockdowns — it is actually being called a “baby bust” — look it up maybe? Even USA Today rag has the Stats — but the info/stats are all over — not in your reality somehow? So your snide uninformed bs is just that and nothing more, everything the Davos Crowd is doing to us is “Conspiracy Theories” in your mind? — maybe get informed some before you comment based upon your preconceived, and wrong, notions?

      • In addition the divorce rates apparently skyrocketed toward the end of the full lockdowns.

        Link excerpt: “The coronavirus crisis has inspired what seems to be a surge of divorces in the United States, a pattern also seen in China, Britain and Sweden” ….

        More from the link:

        “National statistics are not yet available, but there seems to be more work for lawyers and mediators across the board. Consultations at the Upper West Side lawyer Ken Jewell’s firm are up 48 percent.”

        Statisticians may eventually argue that the overall number of divorces is lower.

        Still The reason for that will likely be that, overall, the number of people getting married has been decreasing for years.

  4. Thanks for having the guts to post this. It’s a scary time we live in. Fortunately, only 40% of people where I live have taken the vaccine. The rest refuse to do so. Masks aren’t required anymore (for the most part), our kids have gone to in-person school the entire school year, and our lives are seemingly back to normal.
    —Texas resident

  5. If the global elites want even more money than they have already, they can easily exploit yet another cryptocurrency or manipulate stocks. They don’t need any fancy sciency stuff …

    • Exactly, which is what makes this all more disturbing. Greed is one thing, that can be satisfied by either engaging in productive enterprise or financial manipulation. Our situation implies something far worse than mere greed.

    • It’s not about money — they have all that — it is about power, control and hatred — they hate the Peons and want Depopulation — the fact you are clueless as to this — as they are not hiding it and haven’t for decades (Eugenics is all that the Rockefellers and their lackeys have been about for a very long time) — is telling as to you not as to the posting here.

      Maybe look up the Georgia Guidestones? The “Elite” want 500 million Serfs/Slaves serving about 100 million of them — this is a theme over and above the Guidestones but you can start there and then maybe do some research and see that their “plan” is actually very open, read up on the World Economic Forum and Klaus et al? Eating bugs and owning nothing is the future they plan for you — then go to Corbett Report as James Corbett lays it out from their own mouths as to their plans, plain as day — which again — they have not been trying to cover up – – seems they actually want you to know — but the Peons still live in denial because they are that stupid as some comments here clearly prove.

      The Davos “Elite” want “depopulation” and as Gates clearly stated “vaccines” are to be used to get what they want– he’s been reintroducing Polio thru them and sterilizing people in Africa and India — – maybe learn a bit about that and the dead children in India form “vaccines” — it was in the Daily Mail and elsewhere not in the NYSlimes though…. This is not about money.

      • My personal concern is that if indeed only a mere 500 million are meant to survive this holocaust then why would anyone want to be “spared” these proposed deaths within say the next two years ? 90% of my loved ones are Vax**ed. I guess some of us need to be there to “pick up the pieces” or at best be there to care for those who will supposedly be going through unbecoming death processes. One can not grieve enough! Those who have subjected themselves to this demonic game plan are doing so without using their intuitions as to what is really going on. They have not delved into the political/Dav**s scene behind all these measured asked to spare them a deadly disease. Their focus has been to not “get it” !!! Therefore their ideal is to contribute to the infamous herd immunity hype and so they are coming from their hearts. One can not grieve enough.
        PS If so then they maybe given kudos towards their next reincarnations. All actions performed from a place of goodwill and heart are noted. blessings.

    • Scared is the last thing I would recommend. And “debatable” is just what I’m hoping. We live in a time when suppression of debate has been relabeled as “believing in science”.

    • even if that hypothesis was wrong. The research showing spike protein alone causing damage would still be quite worrisome.

  6. They should have shut down the entire Mercola website. Do you know where the most Draconian censorship seems to take place on the Internet in the U.S.? Well, in my opinion, the worst censorship takes place on the Mercola website. If you post studies that contradict the findings of the Mercola website articles, the Mercola website will most often delete your posts. It’s highly ironic that Mercola complains about censorship. The commenters on that site are like a bunch of cult members that believe everything that Mercola says and no one is allowed, for the most part, to disagree with the leader on that site.

    • I don’t approve of Mercola deleting comments that contradict his narrative. I don’t do that. But I do believe he has a right to manage the contents on his own web page. Censorship is when (many prominent) medical journals won’t accept submissions that offer evidence for COVID treatments. And, most egregiously, censorship is when monopoly internet services like Google and Facebook and Twitter try to decide what is true and eliminate everything else. Have you heard Dr Peter McCullough’s story about his Youtube videos being taken down for “violating community standards”.

      • Authorities are looking for a silver bullet.

        The protocol described by Peter McCullogh will need the supervision of a medical doctor. It’s not something people can just do at home, except perhaps for taking supplemental zinc, vitamin d and vitamin c.

        If we just let the pandemic run full speed, there won’t be sufficient medical staff to treat all those patients.

        The vaccines don’t necessarily prevent infection, but they reduce severity, and thereby the need for ICU treatment and hospitalization, and thats is key to society.

        • you sure it’ll reduce severity against all brand new strains?

          Even a reinjection with just the spike protein mrna again, the second vaccine dose causes significantly more side effects. What tell the actual virus or a mutated form?

          Preliminary research suggests it might reduce some covid strains, but it remains to be seen what happens with regards to mutations.

        • But what you can do without a physician supervision is prophylactic prevention. Vitamin D, Zinc, vitamin C. If you do get Cov19 and you are healthy, ride it out for natural immunity.

      • “he has a right to manage the contents on his own web page” it’s exactly what google and facebook and minds and twitter do.

        • No, it’s not the same thing. Mercola vehemently complains about censorship but yet he is one of the most draconian censors on the Internet. If Mercola was not such a hypocrite, I would be more supportive of his position.

        • Google and Facebook and Twitter are monopolies, and should be treated as such. We would not accept it if the telephone company tried to control what words we could say over the telephone. They are a “common carrier”. The same legal logic should be applied to social media companies that have established market dominance in their fields.

          • Certainly they are concentrations of private power, though not absolute monopolies. I agree that these private entities should not be doing censorship. However, society should establish some rules to censor organizing and encouraging criminal activity, especially violence, online. There should be a single individual clearly responsible for the content of each account. Having to associate one’s real name and identity with one’s comments would go a long way to reducing hate speech, slander and foreign propaganda. By the way, the web site you discussed earlier might just be afraid of being sued for promoting false and damaging allegations, not afraid for their personal safety.

          • Agreed. These social networks need to be regulated by an governing body similar to the PUC.


            The issue is that these social networks have rules against violence and hate speech, already in place, yet they enforce these rules arbitrarily.

            In addition, When a credentialed scientist or doctor speaks about the efficacy of a particular drug. Or the failure of a treatment or drug that is not hate speech or violence.

  7. I agree Brad, and if you ask, why all of a sudden they have shut down your account, they don’t even answer.

    Not everything Dr. Mercola says is nonsense, which makes his website kind of gray zone.

    Sadly, I’m afraid that his constant vaccine fearmongering will causes un-necessary injuries and ultimately prevent us from reaching herd immunity.

    • Agree about the grey zone. In the past, Mercola sometimes reported quality information before other sources. He probably still does that from time to time. However, he also gives out information that is either false or misleading from time to time as well.

      Because of Mercola’s biases, dogmatic beliefs, movement from a health site to a mostly political site, and because of his cult followers, I tend not to visit his site any longer.

      • worse if the spike protein is harmful itself, annual injections as some have suggested could have long term consequences.

    • Even Bill Gates’s net worth pales besides the cost of the COVID deception. I try to focus on reframing our understanding and getting the world on a new course, rather than retributive justice.

      • No. There are proven, and well-known, methods for metatextual analysis based on critical thinking against the background of known facts surrounding a narrative.

        The key is knowing one’s own biases and being willing to treat assumptions as assumptions, conjecture as conjecture and facts as facts.

        These methods and modes of analysis have been around for 70 years or so. While textual criticism and analysis are necessary but not sufficient ingredients for identifying the veracity of a narrative or its constituents, beginning with some humility and the commitment to openness are where one must start.

        It’s not augury at all.

  8. Of course it had been anticipated. It is inevitable to have pandemics, and we had precursor knowledge thanks to SARS and MERS. We are not immune from these things, and beating the Bill Gates conspiracy theory drums just makes you look like a fool.
    Wow, and I used to respect you.

    • Exactly. A future pandemic was predicted because past pandemics happened.(e.g. Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mers, Spanish Flu). You did not have to be some great prognosticator, to predict that we may see another pandemic and that it might be worse than previous pandemics. I predict the world will see another pandemic in the future, but don’t blame me for its occurrence based upon my statement.
      I also predict that we will have some dramatic climate events in the future. Don’t blame me for those either when they happen.

      • Yes, pandemics have predictably become more common, due to factors like factory farming, air travel and human population density. For example, farms with hundreds of thousands of chickens packed together are predictable incubators for disease. No need to postulate improbable conspiracy theories to explain pandemics.

  9. Josh, one of the most damaging aspects of Covid for those of us not infected, is the mental stress and isolation.

    I’m guessing the negative impact on each of us personally is worse than we think.

    I’m not trying to be glib. How many of us are on top of our mental health? Sometimes others can see behavior in us that we can’t see in ourselves.

    Your concern that there is a big medical conspiracy going on–and frankly, buying into questionable Mercola assertions–suggests to me that you’re rather vulnerable right now.

    I know this post will likely annoy you. I don’t blame you. But if it makes you stop and consider whether you’re taking care of yourself, then maybe it’s of value.

    • Social Isolation will certainly smother intellectual curiosity and muffle independent thought processes. That is never a good thing in a free thinking society.

      It also ensures that people, particularly the weaker minded, are more likely to be obedient, and compliant, when offered small kindnesses.

      That is why social isolation is used as a form of torture by the Military around the world.

      Please research: Torture by deprivation

      “Deprivation is used to torture prisoners for the purpose of breaking down resistance, demonstrate absolute control by the torturers and humiliate the prisoner.

      The range of deprivation is from total sensory deprivation to being denied access to professional service like medical and legal. Sleep, food, and water deprivation are common.

      Confinement to cells without the opportunity of exercise or even social contact is used in some cases.

      Relatives are denied access to prisoners or even the knowledge of their imprisonment.”

        • Qanon?????

          Are you taking care of yourself?

          Nothing wrong with challenging the status quo of an issue or circumstance.

          Nothing wrong with realizing that an issue is multi-faceted and may have many points that deserve in depth consideration.

        • Yes of course conspiracy is the answer to what is going on. In small ways I think we humans often ‘conspire’ for mutual benefit at the cost of others. So who is behind it? Ultimately I suspect the same players who have been leading humanity down a path of war, destruction and profit (mainly for them) for centuries. Principally perhaps still led by the European royal families (what’s ‘royalty’ if not a conspiracy to elevate and enrich certain families?) & with control over the global finance system which creates new money as debt, and charges interest on it. Below them it is really a case of habit, propaganda, self interest, ‘going along to get along’, and blind spots, which keep the war/control/profit game going.

      • Isolation (house arrest) and other forms of psychological manipulation will impose enormous pressures on mental health; this we know.

        However, the Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind here. There is, I believe, so much inducement to uncritically adopt The Narrative right now.

        Hence the hostility and outright inhumanity toward those who dare question The Narrative.

    • There are some parts of Josh’s article that should raise alarms on anyone not vested. Research showing the spike protein causing damage on its own, is quite alarming if you ask me. That alone by itself without anything further is enough to raise questions.

    • Paul – I referenced this article within my blog above. The context was that it is a dangerous new practice to establish safety based on such theoretical arguments. In the past, we have always demanded that drugs should prove to be safe in clinical trials before we distribute them to hundreds of millions of people. It is unconscionable that we have changed that standard, especially while suppressing good treatments to establish the case for “emergency” measures.

      • That’s a good point Josh but most clinical trials evaluate safety over a period of months on a fairly limited number of subjects. This is why it’s not uncommon for safety issues to crop up after a drug is approved and many millions have taken it over an extended period of time. This is true of all drugs and it’s why drug recalls are fairly routine.
        It all boils down to the risk/ benefit analysis. During a pandemic many were willing to take greater risks without long term safety data. I’m hoping , as I’m sure you are, that the safety issues will be minimal even years down the road, but it does create a certain degree of anxiety.

    • People feel significantly worse upon second dose. And in some rare cases there are blood clot issues(who knows if the number of such are being downplayed just like deaths were inflated )

      What of the suggestions that annual shots may be needed?

      And this comment in that article sounds worrisome
      “VAERS & Yellow Card have hundreds of accounts of lung clots following the C19 vaccines. Have you looked?”-Virginia Nicholls

    • Some other interesting comments from that article

      Kathy Dopp says:
      Every person I asked about their mRNA shot said they had a bad headache lasting about 2 days, so what causes this if none of the vaccine is getting to the vascular system around the head, as other doctors are claiming is a common spot for spike protein growth that causes scouring out of the small capillaries around the brain?
      Charlie says:
      Headaches are very frequent, per CDC.
      “She cited statistics from the CDC’s v-safe, a post-COVID-19 vaccination smartphone-based monitoring program, which found that of the 1.6 million people enrolled, about 71% reported injection site pain, a third reported fatigue, and about 30% reported headache.”

      • And another interesting comment suggesting errors in sciencemag blog article, if Im not mistaken

        Sue says:
        The deltoid muscle IM site is used as an injection site precisely because it has increased vascularity and blood flow. If you want an injected fluid to stay in the area, you use the subdermal fat layer just under the skin, which has less blood flow. * For example a TB test, with a little wheal or lump under the skin is given in the fatty layer just below the skin ,intradermally.
        Intramuscular injections into the deltoid muscle are specifically used to disperse the product through the body quickly, and thus reduce the risk of a local reaction.
        Any textbook or article on injection routes and their uses can verify this.( I previously tried to provide a link ,but the comment was not accepted.
        Even a recent ABC article entitled
        ‘Why vaccines are injected in your upper arm muscle, and not in your veins” states
        “First up: unlike the layer of fat just under our skin, muscle has an excellent blood supply to help disperse the vaccine, says Joanna Groom, an immunology researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.”
        Dave Stenhouse also points this out in his clearly written comment above.
        Maybe it is time for us to finally focus on treatments and therapeutics as the way forward.

        • We won’t find the answer among joggers and sedentary persons, but more likely
          among elite athletes, who will instantly notice, if their peak performance has dropped just marginally 2 weeks after last injection.

          I’m sure that any damage to their vascular system, caused by the spike protein will affect their VO2max in one way or the other.

          We won’t find the answer among joggers and sedentary persons.

  10. I have been following Dr, Mercola’s website for the better part of twenty years. I have been following his health advice to the hilt, and at age 84 I attribute my excellent health to him. I take no drugs, have never been vaccinated except as a child for smallpox, take no medication, have never been operated on, never hospitalized, cut weekly an acre of grass with a walk behind lawnmower, walk two miles a day at the same pace and time as 40 years ago and have never had any disease more serious than the flu. I am currently reading his excellent book, “The Truth About Covid-19,” a number one best seller on amazon.com. Thank God for the few like him who have the courage to speak out.

  11. It takes 5 minutes on the google scholar for anyone to ensure where the Covid 19 is coming from:
    the genome of SARS-CoV2 is believed to have originated from bats showing 96.2% homology to a bat SARS-related coronavirus (SARSr-CoV; RaTG13) collected in Yunnan province, China

    original publication on RaTG13:

    Nature 2013
    Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor
    Last author:
    Zheng-Li Shi
    Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, 430071, China

  12. thank you for your article, i have been thinking about the exact same points you mention and always thought this was a bioweapon…it just doesn t make sense to me as something from nature

  13. I dont want to believe that there are people like Bill Gates involved in a global conspiracy that would lead to hundreds of thousands dying. But I do agree with all arguments made by Josh on the science. I for one am not willing to take any mRNA vaccine. As Dr. Goodenowe has explained so well that vaccination should not be started during a pandemic unless all the vaccinated are quarantined for 14 days after getting vaccinated otherwise we will soon have even more lethal 3rd wave of mutated virus that can survive the vaccine. I also do find evidence of big Pharma vaccine manufacturers trying to suppress negative news/research and products that can easily bring the pandemic yo a halt by curing an infection with 48 hours. One example of such product I am trying acquire is made by Canadian company SaNOtize. Their data and previous unrelated studies on NO give credence to it. It’s sold for $30 and neutralize 99% of the viral load within 72 hours. Why aren’t all the Govts ensuring everyone has this in their pocket? So big Pharma lobby is there for sure. Probably and I hope not involved in creating the pandemic but suppressing anything that is against their vaccines.

    • In addition, why does anyone want to vaccinate babies and young children, when there are relatively harmless treatments for Covid 19 available, now?

        • For those, who fear that the Pfizer/BionTech mRNA vaccine will generate the same damage as a natural infection, this should bring some peace to mind.


          @30 minutes it is clearly stated that the spike proteins will not be present abundantly and freely in our bodies and therefore, a vaccine will not cause SARS-CoV-2 symptoms associated with a natural infection

          • Evidently you have not seen the study that Pfizer commissioned in Japan? They found bio-accumulation of the spike protein post-vaccine in organs throughout the body AND in the ovaries in particular, the amount of spike protein was still INCREASING on day 7, at which point they stopped measuring I believe. That is extremely disturbing.

  14. I am disappointed in seeing such an article indicating beliefs in conspiracy theories on this otherwise mostly excellent blog. I have a few comments on the vaccines and spike proteins.

    “How did we get to a situation where the “precautionary principle” means pressuring young people who are at almost no risk for serious COVID to accept a vaccine which has not been fully tested or approved?”

    The goal of any reasonable health conscious person should not be to merely avoid serious COVID or avoid dying from COVID. As you mentioned in the article there is some evidence that the spike protein causes damage to the vascular system. Surely if you care about your health you want to avoid that particularly in case it might end up being long term damage. That is in fact a major reason to get any of the COVID vaccines, unless you live somewhere in complete isolation at almost no risk of getting the virus. It’s a mistake to think that just because you are relatively young and very healthy and therefore have almost no risk of dying from COVID that you should just do nothing and not worry. If you care about your health and in particular if you’re interested in longevity it is wise to avoid any potential long term damage to the body. Here it’s important to note that the virus has been found to cause long term damage in organs of people even those that did not get a serious enough infection to be hospitalized I have no time or interest in digging up the references for this. I just want to state that, importantly this also applies to young people. https://www.sciencealert.com/young-adults-who-got-covid-19-show-lasting-cardiovascular-damage-in-study?fbclid=IwAR1eDTemzBENuYGMSJVw9JbU0Na0JxUT22ag_5USfP-1hUD7CHoBA6oQscI

    If you want to protect yourself against the harm of the spike protein then avoiding the vaccine may at first sound like a good idea, because if you get the vaccine you will surely get exposed to the spike proteins produced in response to it. However people must not forget that the harm of the spike proteins produced by the vaccines pales in comparison to that caused by the much higher exposure in an unvaccinated individual infected with the virus. Note that in case of the vaccine you’re getting an acute dose of the spike protein most of which will stay in your shoulder muscle and not cause widespread damage elsewhere. On the other hand if you get infected with COVID you have a virus in your body that keeps replicating for a while and spreading through the body giving you most likely way more exposure to the spike protein in various organs than you would get from the vaccine. Hence why there are so many cases of people with organ damage after getting infected, including people that only got mild COVID and even people that got asymptomatic COVID.

    FYI I do not like the drug companies or the elite. But I make sure that does not cloud my judgement on how to act here when my priority is the health of myself and those around me.

    • “the harm of the spike proteins produced by the vaccines pales in comparison to that caused by the much higher exposure in an unvaccinated individual”……

      How did you arrive at this conclusion ? Most people who are exposed to the virus don’t replicate the spike protein at all. Their immune systems deal with it before they become symptomatic. So we have 3 groups:
      • asymptomatic PCR positives (who have a mild exposure in nasal passage etc but neutralise the infection early)
      • symptomatic PCR positive with full infection
      • vaccinated (definitely will be producing spike protein)

      If you’re unvaccinated and exposed, you MAY suffer a high exposure to spike protein but may not. The majority (statistically) appear not. If you’re in the vaccinated group there is likely to be a diverse response depending on the individual. Some people make a lot of spike protein, some only a little, some it stays in the muscle and some it gets into the bloodstream (I would have thought). I don’t think it’s as black and white as you assert.

    • Has there been a comparison? Some people get less symptoms from the actual virus, basically no symptoms, than from the second dose of the vaccine. The muscles are highly vascularized, likely it spreads to some degree throughout the body. Hope it stays intact and doesn’t become free.

      But they’re talking that we may need multiple injections annually. You sure that will be best than infrequent exposure to the virus?

      • Given the confirmation that the spike protein causes (the) damage, I can see no way that anyone would answer “yes” that that question.

      • Surely the lipid nanoparticle designed to carry the mRNA package is designed to go systemic and not as Olaf says just ‘stay in the shoulder muscle’? If not then my assumption of the coming medical revolution using mRNA against aging are going to have to be put on hold…

        • For those, who fear that the Pfizer/BionTech mRNA vaccine will generate the same damage as a natural infection, this should bring some peace to mind.


          @30 minutes it is clearly stated that the spike proteins will not be present abundantly and freely in our bodies and therefore, a vaccine will not cause SARS-CoV-2 symptoms associated with a natural infection

          • always remember to ask the nurse to pull back the piston in the syringe a few millimeters before the whole vaccine is injected. If the syringe contains blood it’s a no-go.

  15. I would take what Dr. Mercola and his wife says (his wife runs the website) with a large grain of salt. Dr. Mercola claimed that an alternative guy, who was a close friend of mine, was killed by the CIA. In fact, my fried died by natural causes. My friend’s girlfriend had to force Dr. Mercola’s wife to take down photos of our friend.

    I generally do not subscribe to conspiracy theories. A successful conspiracy requires it to involve a small number of people. A large conspiracy will always result in someone spilling the beans.

    I think this covid-19 business is an enormous gravy train for the pharmaceutical giants. I think the rest of it is nothing more than bureaucratic-like group-think (on the parts of the political classes and media).

    You will note that Merck is sitting this one out. They realized early on that vaccines cannot be developed for coronaviruses.

    • You do know that there are means of killing and it appearing like natural causes don’t you? A report of natural causes does not mean it is actually natural causes. I do not know the detail of why Mercola would believe foul play. But a natural cause death does not eliminate the possibility of foul play.

  16. 1. If you are vaccinated with a concoction that results in expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, your body is exposed, internally, to a protein that it would not otherwise see.

    2. If you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, your body is exposed, internally, to that same protein, plus many other viral proteins, that it would not otherwise see.

    Which is likely to carry the greater risk?

    • That’s exactly the right question to ask, and the answer must be observational. We don’t have enough understanding of either the immune system or the virus to answer based on theory.

      • Don’t we have some short term data at this point to use as a guide? For example, I think that we have a reasonable idea of the potential harm from covid, a reasonable idea of the short term efficacy of the vaccines, and a reasonable idea of the short term risk of the vaccines.

        Arguably, we know that Covid causes: about a 2% death rate based upon reported stats, a higher than 2% hospitalization rate, and hospitals to reach or exceed capacity in many areas, without interventions such as partial or complete economic shutdowns or widespread vaccinations.

        In the short term, we know that the vaccines appear to be very effective with less than a .01% breakthrough infection rate and a much lower death rate than that, and a way lower death rate than Covid itself.

        What we don’t know (among many other things) is the long term risk of the vaccines, the long term risk of covid (if you do not die from it), the long term efficacy of the vaccines, and whether there are treatments that are safer or more effective than the vaccines.

        It’s a gamble to take a vaccine and to not take a vaccine. Based upon the treatments and data available, I opted to take one of the vaccines.

  17. Josh, I’ve been a grateful consumer of your thoughts for a long time. You have a unique ability to explain complex subjects in ways that make them understandable to those of us that aren’t blessed with your insight. This post continues that tradition but, in addition, it also shows a significant level of courage on your part to publish because opinions that don’t conform to the Official Truth are no longer allowed to exist in the “Public Conversation”.

    In fact I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of positive responses to the post – which reflects well on the ability of your regular readers to think independently. And this post will attract enough attention that it will draw “bots” to knock it down. But there will also be – in fact *have* to be – a significant number of regular and occasional readers that will react strongly against your conclusions. And these reactions and counter-reactions will *appear* to be talking about the merits (or demerits) of your analysis but will mostly driven by emotional reactions that are invisible to the writer. Let me explain:

    First of all every one of us has lived our entire lives subject to the most relentless and insidious system of propaganda that has ever existed in all of human history. As a result very few of our own thoughts or opinions are actually the result of our own rational examination of the world around us. In fact most of us are “wrong” about most things most of the time. But when these implanted opinions are challenged we defend them as if they were our own – because now they *are* our own. And because, on some level, we understand that to admit that we’re wrong is to admit that we were duped. Hypnotized. And we’d rather stay hypnotized than be wrong. Now a few of you may agree with this in *theory* – ie: as it applies to other people – but none of you will agree that it’s true about yourself. Propaganda works and it’s functionally invisible. It *is* the Perfect Crime.

    The second problem is that most decent people simply can’t and, in fact, won’t accept that this global plandemic – with it’s required vaccines that are apparently more dangerous that the disease it pretends to protect against – was actually planned and deliberately executed by other human beings. The very concept is simply too monstrous. Most people can’t summon the courage to accept that many of their “leaders” are actually monsters.

    Thirdly very few people understand about Sociopaths. These are people who have no empathy or conscience at all but have need to acquire power over others. ( https://tinyurl.com/ya2z7kps ) And they make up about 4-5% of the general population. (although most of that 5% are men) This may not be entirely genetic but, at a minimum, has a strong genetic component. Now in early “primitive” cultures these people weren’t a problem because in a village of 100 people there everyone knows everyone else and they were always exposed. But in our Western culture that’s based on Predatory Capitalism sociopaths quite naturally rise to the “top”. I know a therapist who did her master’s thesis on sociopaths. What her research showed was that at least *half* of all corporate CEO’s met the clinical definition of Sociopathy.

    So we live, today, in a world where the most powerful force on the planet is not any individual nation or alliance of nations but a loosely allied group of obscenely wealthy people – most of whom are clinically deranged. And because their propaganda works with such deadly efficiency we continue to think of them as our “Elites” as we line up for our “jabs” and our unemployment handouts.

    Gary Webb

    • Bravo. I had to pause in the middle to check the name because I had an odd feeling that I could have written this myself – your words fall into place so easily. That such and other points of observation can all be strung out in a straight line, telling the most consistent story from history through current events, from different points of view taken up by absolute strangers, is itself a curiosity of the utmost value. The role of moral cognition and deviant modes in (learned, sociopathic; and born) psychopaths in political dynamics cannot be under emhasized e.g. pathocacy. We live in an inverted world, and it is by design.

  18. It is not a vaccine… It’s not prohibiting infection. It’s not a prohibiting transmission device. It’s a means by which your body is conscripted to make the toxin that then allegedly your body somehow gets used to dealing with, but unlike a vaccine, which is to trigger the immune response, this is to trigger the creation of the toxin… The companies themselves have admitted to every single thing I’m saying but they are using the public manipulation of the word “vaccine” to co-opt the public into believing they’re getting a thing, which they are not getting. This is not going to stop you from getting Coronavirus. —Dr. David Martin, “It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine”, January 25th, 2021; westonaprice.org

      • It is not a traditional vaccine, but it is a vaccine. Vaccines work by providing one or more immunogens, which are molecules to which your body will mount an immune response. That is true for the mRNA vaccines and true for traditional vaccines

  19. A few questions:

    – Why the hard sell (the ‘vaccines’)…?
    – Why the demonization of those who simply have differing opinions?
    – Why the ‘cancellation’ of equally qualified medical/science professionals worldwide, who have differing opinions on the matter, or even facts-based evidence which contradict the conventional/prevailing ‘wisdom’ of mainstream media and politics regarding this pandemic and the ‘approved’ treatments?
    – Why the demonization of alternative treatments and those who offer them?

    Oh, and one last insignificant question:
    What happened to the yearly flu…?

  20. If the thrust here were that there are enough unanswered questions about the long-term toxic effects of the various vaccines that individuals have to make a hard choice about whether to take their chances with COVID itself or a vaccine, I could accept that line of argument. From a public health, public policy standpoint as well, a crisis imposes an urgency and a timeline in which decisions will not all be based on full and perfect knowledge, and come down to gambles.

    But to argue, on such scant contextual evidence as offered here, that the vaccines and the pandemic itself have been “engineered by the powerful with deadly intent,” is itself a wild gamble. If you are wrong and the impact of your musings is to retard the vaccine-based public health response to COVID, consider the damage caused by that.

    Your “inference” of a deadly scheme on a scale never before seen on Earth rests on a perception of such extreme psychopathy, greed, recklessness and malevolence that it does not square with either history, common sense, or my general understanding of how humans tick. Yes, there have been monsters like Hitler with burning world visions. But what a leap it is from a Gates Foundation vaccination program that may have been associated with a spike of infertility to an inference that a conspiracy by Gates and his ilk to dominate the world (more than they do already), cut down its population, reset its economy, and make even more money than the trillions they already have is responsible for this pandemic and for responding to it in a way that somehow is designed to multiply its damage! Pandemics happen – or are we prepared to finger Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and some Rockefeller for the influenza that hit a century ago?

    It’s true that not all conspiracies are theories. But I think the grander, broader, and more all-encompassing the conspiracy you presume, the stronger the evidence for its existence needs to be – especially when the existence of that conspiracy is put forward as grounds for a choice of action with far-reaching impact. When you expand your scope from a focused inquiry into the biochemistry of the spike protein and wind up scaring people off the vaccine with the inference that it’s all part of the most nefarious and psychotic plot in world history, you lose me. I think you also lose a lot of other folks who are not steeped in MAGA culture.

    • Thanks, Jon. As you know, I have a unique respect for your perspective. I hope I indicated in the opening paragrpahs that I have not taken these positions lightly. They build on other COVID research I have published here over the last year.

      I am convinced that the virus is not as deadly as it has been portrayed. In fact there are several very effective treatments, 80 to 95% individually, that will avoid hospitalizations and deaths. The fact that these are censored and suppressed, both in the medical journals and in social media, is a form of mass murder.

      I began this series with genetic evidence that the virus arose in a bioweapons lab. If this is so, there are people who know exactly how toxic the virus is and how it does its job. From the beginning, Dr Fauci has funded research that makes coronaviruses more virulent. If he knows that it is the spike protein that kills, and yet he allowed the vaccine companies, which he also funds, to include delivery of the spike protein in the inoculation, then this, too, is mass murder.

      • Seems to me that the covid excess deaths above 5 year average, upon which the deadly pandemic story sits (in the UK anyway), can be fairly safely attributed to 1) the sense of panic that was induced in the early stages, resulting in over treatment and increases in ‘Do Not Resuscitates’ and changes to the end of life protocols such that many elderly passed before their time 2) panicking and isolation of the elderly and vulnerable leading to reduced morale and early death 3) fear of entering hospitals leading to people dying at home from things that would not normally have resulted in death and 4) decrease in general health and happiness levels. Seems that 2020 sits somewhere around halfway in deaths per 100,000 over the past 30 years (UK figures) – so tragic it has been most certainly; but a ‘deadly pandemic’ it is not. Though the fear mongering and trumpeting about variants and deaths attributed to covid continues full force in the mainstream. The other pandemic pillar has been case numbers produced by testing. ‘Cases’ mark you – not sick people – since when was a healthy person a statistic in a pandemic? since 2020, and that’s obviously not right and speaks of corruption.

    • I think I heard evidence for lab release has come and it is quite solid.

      Going of memory but it seems some of those going in the news there is said to be evidence suggesting they have helped finance that lab too.

  21. As a young woman (25 years) with no scientific background, I thank you deeply for this article. It is very insightfully written, gives me more links to do my own research, and approaches the topic with logic and scientific evidence rather than quick presumptions. I will definitely bookmark this article and come back to it again!

  22. It’s refreshing to see actual debate…thank you for a small dose of nostalgia remembering how we USED to behave in the US…

    My take on this would be to laugh at the conspiracy aspects of Josh’s blog if:
    Google/Facebook/Twitter hadn’t been trying so hard to shut down any theory that wasn’t approved by the CDC and World Health Org. (That alone should terrify any sane human)

    China hadn’t been the source of the virus. (Mass Murdering Psychopaths who STILL run concentration camps)

    CNN/FOX/MSNBC etc hadn’t all been playing from the same sheet music this past year.

    As to the motives…money is rarely the reason at that level. At some point it no longer matters how much money you have. Then it becomes a race to see how much power one can wield merely for the sake of getting to the top of the power structure…then take all of the fears these supposedly intelligent people have (over population/resource depletion/global warming/global cooling and see who they blame…us. Now you have a perfect motive for finding ways of killing us in mass…

    • All good points.

      I am disheartened to see the attempts, albeit failed, to shame or humiliate people with a differing opinion regarding Covid 19, here, or anywhere else.

      Why not counter with an intelligent discussion?

      Censorship through Shame and ridicule are the control tactics of dictators.

      Using shame ridicule or guilt does not work well when disciplining children or arguing in a marriage. It eventually backfires on the user.

      I do feel empathy here for the people resorting to those tactics. Perhaps it highlights there own, unspoken fear and insecurity or need to feel some sense of control, if only in their own lives.

      Some unthinkable thoughts may be too frightening for some to even consider contemplating.

  23. Michael Lewis’ latest book “The Premonition: A Pandemic Story” may give some insight, as well as his previous book on the risks of a government uninterested in managing risks. These are on my reading list, but I haven’t got to them yet.

  24. I applaud you courage in writing this article. Unfortunately, I fear that you’re at risk of falling into the same conspiratorial pit that has consumed so many contrarian scientists (Duesberg, etc.). You write:

    > The most compelling evidence for a laboratory origin of COVID is that
    > coronaviruses don’t have furin cleavage sites, and until last year, this trick has
    > never evolved naturally.

    This is categorically false. [S1/S2 furin cleavarge sites have evolved multiple times in betacoronavirus](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1873506120304165), including both a closely related hibecovirus and the pathogenic MERS virus. It is only true that no other members of the SARS clade have one.

    I also don’t see the ecological argument. As you note, viruses new to humans frequently can be unduly harmful (rabies, marburg…). So can epidemic ones with very high reproductive rates (smallpox…). Further, is SARS-Cov-2 *actually* unduly or surprisingly harmful? After all, all sorts of foreign proteins cause weird effects in a small portion of those exposed (rheumatic fever…). By now a significant fraction of many populations have been infected with SARS-Cov-2, and so far most show few lasting effects.

    Finally, the intentional bioweapon hypothesis seems to imply an ability to predict the effects of an engineered virus after release that seem light years ahead of anything in the public domain. Can one really hide this kind and scale of scientific program?

    • The bluster and attacks on anybody looking at the lab leak should give you a big clue. Also the fact that Ivermectin research has been smeared And laughed at with “conclusive” trials that do not replicate the research showing efficacy of IVM.. RCT trials done on IVM are pooh poohed as having poor data. The push is for a large RCT trial. Those cost money and it’s no accident that the pockets that fund it will be big pharma.
      Event 201 was the gaming , some might say planning, of this very pandemic in October 2019 with guess what? Coronavirus. DARPA the military research arm was involved with vaccine response including keeping HHS at bay and letting nobody see what was going on.
      Only a flag waving numbskull would not be suspicious

    • “Dr. Fauci lied to Congress about Wuhan lab research funding”
      “While speaking to co-host Bill Hemmer, Paul elaborated on his allegation and claimed that Dr. Shi Zhengli, the Wuhan-based ‘bat woman’ virologist who researched coronavirus variants in animals, wrote a paper that MIT scientists surmised was referencing gain-of-function research (making pathogens deadlier or more easily transmissible).”
      “Paul claims that the paper acknowledged that their funding came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), a subset of the NIH where Dr. Fauci is the director.

      Paul added that he has looked at the grant application for the Wuhan lab research, which he says also references gain-of-function research, based on the analysis of a Rutgers cellular biologist.”

      Combine that with the recent claims that there is overwhelming evidence that covid was released from a lab. Financing gain of function on viruses, while speaking of preparation for a future pandemic.

  25. Nicolas Wade’s article on Medium…

    It’s documented that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells and humanized mice. This is exactly the kind of experiment from which a SARS2-like virus could have emerged. The researchers were not vaccinated against the viruses under study, and they were working in the minimal safety conditions of a BSL2 laboratory. So escape of a virus would not be at all surprising. In all of China, the pandemic broke out on the doorstep of the Wuhan institute. The virus was already well adapted to humans, as expected for a virus grown in humanized mice. It possessed an unusual enhancement, a furin cleavage site, which is not possessed by any other known SARS-related beta-coronavirus, and this site included a double arginine codon also unknown among beta-coronaviruses. What more evidence could you want, aside from the presently unobtainable lab records documenting SARS2’s creation?

    • “What more evidence could you want, aside from the presently unobtainable lab records documenting SARS2’s creation?”

      How about a consensus amongst at least 30% of virologists that weigh-in on the issue that lab creation was likely.

      I know that Luc Montagnier and a few other virologists believe that covid-19 originated in a lab, but they seem to be in the extreme minority.

      • That will be difficult today’s academia is highly to the left. And in today’s climate adherence to the mainstream news ideology is highly common among those who are to the left.
        Also independent thought is sometimes opposed in many circles, as groupthink is what is encouraged.

        Look at Vitamin C, many researchers point to errors in academia regards dosing privately, bu almost none dare speak that the evidence suggests higher doses are beneficial

  26. Fundamentally this is a question of freedom – arguable the most fundamental freedom of all, which is the freedom to choose how I live or die. Only slaves, infants, and the severely debilitated have no control over what is put into their bodies. How the human species has managed to survive so long without “vaccines” ought to be studied – it’s almost magical!

    Flipping channels last night – old Brady Bunch re-run…Marsha and Bobby were home sick with the measles, everybody laughing as they were playing games – company coming over…no panicky headlines crying about the “anti-vaxxers” (a loaded pejorative) Remember when people didn’t kowtow and clutch to a jab as their safety blanket?

    I’d have more respect for the professional liars called politicians if they just bloody came out and said “look, we can’t reveal how this went down because it will cause WW3 and be total mayhem” Instead they default to lies, more lies, and the new cudgel of screaming “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!”

  27. You cite your evidence, but I find weaknesses in every claim.

    “Knowledge beforehand”: Yes. there were plans by many to anticipate pandemics, including corona-virus, and that does mean that it was created or designed as a weapon.

    “Suppression of treatments and cures” the FDA and powers that be suppress all kinds of treatments and have been doing it for decades. This is a problem, but absolutely not evidence of intention to create a bioweapon.

    “Toxicity of the spike protein which, if it had been made by nature, should have been benign” nature manifests itself in millions of ways. Appearance of malign spike protein is not evidence of an intentionally created bioweapon, though this argument carries some persuasion.

    Inclusion of the spike protein: again, nature’s variety. Do you declare nefarious intentions every time nature creates something new?

    “Heavy promotion of scantily-tested vaccines”. this leap to claiming this as evidence is total nonsense. I realize that your fellow Covid deniers will buy this, but a scientist or jury would laugh at this claim.

    “Censorship of scientists and doctors who question the vaccines’ safety” I guess you consider me a censor because I stopped you from posting Covid related content after you made the profoundly wrong, almost crazy claim that it was over last August based on your misreading of CDC data, even after I prompted you to re-assess your claims. You eventually admitted your error, but too many scientists and doctors ARE making wrong claims.

    So, I’ll give you a pass on the toxicity of the spike protein, though that’s because I don’t know enough to debunk that claim, and I think experts would easily do so. And with your flowed history of addressing the science of Covid, I am much less likely to buy your theories or analyses. I mean, you really got that wrong. You know enough about biology to cherry-pick findings and make claims that will daunt most non-scientists. But seriously, Josh, your “evidence” doesn’t come close to being persuasive for the 80% of people who are not afflicted with Covid denial syndrome (

    And it’s clear that you don’t care that the vaccines have been found to be incredibly safe, with efficacy of greater than 99% in preventing severe illness or death. When I say that it seems you don’t care, it’s because you and your fellow CDSers would rather attack the vaccines than recognize how effective they are, with very low levels of serious adverse side effects.

    • Rob -Thanks for reading and commenting. I think your doubts concern whether COVID came from a lab or from nature, and that was not the main focus of this piece. I became convinced of the laboratory origin of COVID more than a year ago, and wrote about it at that time. The evidence is in the SARS-CoV-2 genome. 
      Part 1
      Part 2
      The present article is built on the premise that it came from a lab. In the year since I wrote about it, this has become mainstream. Nicholas Wade of NYTimes.
           As for the vaccines, I wonder why you would cite unskeptically the safety and efficacy reports that Pfizer submitted to the FDA when Pfizer has been convicted in the past of felony fraud in submissions for other medications.   I find it suspicious that there are several countries that essentially had no problem with COVID until they started vaccinating. I’m thinking of Mongolia, Gilbralter, and now India and Bangladesh. 

      • It’s my understanding that these countries each have a lower than 15% vaccination rate. If the vaccine is to blame for an outbreak, why isn’t it happening in the US and other countries where the vaccination rate is much higher? We’re at about 80% vaccinated..

        • ”It’s my understanding that these countries each have a lower than 15% vaccination rate. If the vaccine is to blame for an outbreak, why isn’t it happening in the US and other countries where the vaccination rate is much higher? We’re at about 80% vaccinated.”
          That may be the case I don’t know. I live in france and can say that locally 15% might be about right, but I can’t speak to other countries. I would say that I think Europe is generally more sceptical and aware of possible dangers than the UK or US where belief in vaccine safety and efficacy is very high.

    • ”it’s because you and your fellow CDSers would rather attack the vaccines than recognize how effective they are, with very low levels of serious adverse side effects”
      So far there are north of 10k deaths and 400k adverse reactions on the euro covid vax monitoring system, and because a great many cannot countenance a vax as being harmful and consequently don’t report it may be a great many more.

        • Hi Suzanne
          report through May 8, 2021 lists 10,570 deaths and 405,259 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

          COVID-19 MRNA VACCINE MODERNA (CX-024414)

          There seems to be a great deal of anecdotal evidence of harm too. One can read accounts on social media but they are often removed quickly – ostensibly in the name of protecting the public from ‘vaccine hesitancy’ which is a ‘self licking lollipop’ ?

          • Thought experiment:
            Politicians and private officials mandate that each person in turn stand in front of a gun that has a non-zero chance of firing a lethal shot, killing the subject, and a greater than that chance of firing a non-lethal yet crippling/permanently damaging shot resulting in long term damage, increased suffering and diminished quality of life, resulting in not so long lasting, unreliable defenses against similar gunshots in the future.
            The alternative is to let nature expose that same population (most of it) to a gun with lower chances of doing damage, resulting in longer lasting more robust defenses against future gunshots. (The vulnerable can be protected in other ways…)

          • Absolutely. To me it seems that pharma companies wish to condition us to believe that we cannot be healthy without their shots. It’s a ‘great’ sales angle, but is a stance which denies real world experience. This ‘pandemic’ is not their first shot at this either btw. Fauci et al have previous for trumpetting that mass death is on the way and being spectacularly wrong with their models, and for causing harm with vax too (swine flu & pandemrix).

      • absolutely daniel – well said …. this information is leaking into the public consciousness and when it does, a lot of people will have to ask themselves some serious questions around their blindness or complicity.

      • How will the bodies of those vaccinated react to future coronaviruses? Could they have a severe immune reaction to it?

  28. Comparison with the 9/11 attacks is useful. There was no effort on the part of big media to shutdown discussion on 9/11. The video “Loose Change” was never censored by You Tube, unlike “Plandemic” this time around.

    The fact that the establishment players are so obsessed with regulating free speech and discussion over covid-19, in sharp contrast to 9/11, is suggestive in and of itself.

    • Nobody had to get injected with an experimental gene therapy if they belived that two planes collapsed three buildings made from some of the strongest steel ever produced and which were specifically engineered to resist being struck with airplanes.

  29. It seems reasonable to me to investigate the possibility that there was an accidental release from a lab. An accidental release seems unlikely, but is probably not impossible.

    On the other hand, all the speculation about global conspiracies is not reasonable.

    • Hi Jim, the evidence that groups of individuals have conspired to influence society and profit from it is extremely abundant – does anyone deny that? Ergo to hold that there is no possibility of conspiracy in this case is unreasoned thinking?

        • It is just world fallacy you have.

          Tons of secret military projects and tons of other private enterprise projects with dozens or hundreds involved with strong NDAs never get leaked.

          The biggest bogus claim of all is that a large group of people can’t keep a secret.

          Normal people can, let alone groups of sociopaths.

  30. has anyone noticed this article: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.20.21255677v1
    mRNA vaccine cause different immune response with the real Covid-19 virus. that’s why i think current vaccines can not prevent Covid-19 mutants very well.

    if i have to take vaccine, i would like to take BCG vaccine. at least BCG vaccine will trigger good innate immunity to enhance NK cells and CD8+ T cells to kill any Covid-19 mutants.

    currently BCG vaccine is also used to train innate immunity to kill cancer cells for most advanced cancer immunotherapy.
    so, why not take few BCG shots annually to preconditioning body to get trained immunity?

  31. There is a very thoughtful and well referenced article here on the covid crisis
    ”I haven’t forgotten the distinction made by an unnamed senior adviser in the George W. Bush administration between a ‘reality-based community’ and a ‘faith-based presidency’. This was reported in the New York Times Magazine in October 2004, the same month the Lancet medical journal estimated that 100,000 ‘excess’ Iraqi deaths from all causes had occurred since the U.S. invasion began:

    ‘The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community”, which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality”. I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore”, he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”’

  32. Josh, if someone created this pandemic on purpose, then *why?*

    I understand the lab leak hypothesis, there is compelling evidence there, and even mainstream investigators (e.g. WHO) do not rule it out (they just say unlikely).

    But it’s a whole different thing to imagine an intentional leak. What would be the *purpose* of that?

    Do you have a clear idea of what could be achieved? And if not, well..

    Why try to fit together the evidence into a vast conspiracy, if you don’t have a clear idea what that conspiracy is designed to achieve?

    One of my favorite sayings is “Hanlon’s Razor”:

    “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

    This “razor” has saved me from incorrectly ascribing malice a number of times.

    Case in point: why are corporations so rapacious? Well, because your grandma has a mutual fund, and as a shareholder, the only thing that mutual fund says is: “make money or we dump you”. And if there is a CEO that isn’t willing to do absolutely anything to make money, then they will be replaced by a CEO that will. Because your grandma has a mutual fund.

    Applied to COVID: there is bioweapons research going on, definitely, and my guess would be that someone wanted to impress their girlfriend or something, played loose with biohazard rules and whoops killed 3M people.

    I sincerely really want to hear your best theory for the purpose behind creating an intentional pandemic. I see other people put forward theories and they are so bad (see below), I really want to hear some good thinking, even inchoate ideas, I’m sure it will be interesting and enlightening.

    Included below is a rebuttal-in-brief I ran across, explaining the 3 most commonly encountered theories (sorry, lost attribution).

    ===== Explanations for an intentional pandemic

    1) claims that there’s some secret nanotech magic in the vaccines. This one comes from people who don’t understand technology, and don’t realize that people can and do easily reverse engineer other companies’ vaccines (https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/scientists-reverse-engineer-mrna-sequence-of-moderna-vaccine-68640)

    2) claims about making a bunch of money.. targeting people like Gates who have more money than they could ever spend, are in the process of actively giving their money away, and have countless other ways of making more money than COVID would produce for them

    3) claims about an attempt to create a global authoritarian state, where COVID is a “test balloon” to see if we can get people to upend their lives if the government says so. This is the least bad, but, if you wanted to understand how likely compliance would be, maybe go with focus groups instead of killing millions of people?

    Also, with all the above, do you know how hard it is to keep a secret amongst even a tiny group? Estimate how many people would need to be involved and realize that, historically, 5 people can’t keep a secret.

    • Hi Charles
      this is a good point

      ”Case in point: why are corporations so rapacious? Well, because your grandma has a mutual fund, and as a shareholder, the only thing that mutual fund says is: “make money or we dump you”. And if there is a CEO that isn’t willing to do absolutely anything to make money, then they will be replaced by a CEO that will. Because your grandma has a mutual fund.”

      I think the answer to this ‘conspiracy or not’ conundrum with relation to covid is that as natural resources become depleted, the biosecurity of humanity and the associated impact investments are seen as a huge new market opportunity.
      So what we are seeing is the development of that marketplace – a development that requires us first to believe that health security can be provided pharmacologically, and then requires us to hand responsibility for our health over to large corporations for management & monitoring. It was already fairly well advanced of course but by no means anywhere near fully exploited and a worldwide pandemic ideally serves market expansion. Many other markets will obviously benefit alongside biosecurity.

    • Hi Charles,
      An intentional leak could do multiple things. The great reset (because the dollar and euro are on their last legs) is real and the most powerful in the world want to change everything. Weird because these persons don’t speak for the public or are elected. They also know everything is going to change. So they have the power.

      The possible purposes of an intentional leak:
      – decreasing population of the earth
      – making massive amounts of money of vaccines
      – letting big tech make massive amounts of money due to lockdowns
      – getting a grip on society and have an excuse to suppress people’s freedoms to let the people in power have more control
      – to create a problem that can be used to blame economic reform on

      I am too a fan of “Hanlon’s Razor”.

      In most cases, it is. But don’t close your eyes for the evil in the world. Most people are good and do fundamentally good things. But: there is a small group of people that don’t care if they are good or bad. They only care about power, control, pleasure.

      I’ll tell you my experience as a kid. I fell into to the hands of a pedophile network and was abused. They tortured me into a sex slave. They then let me ‘serve’ politicians and make pictures of it so they could blackmail the politician or some other important figure. They have people on really high positions, and I’ve met a few. These people are all still completely free walking around the earth like nothing happened.

      These groups have so much power, that if I go to the police, tell my declaration / statement to the police, the criminal investigation department isn’t allowed to research it, because my statement has certain elements (for example, torture).

      Most people can not imagine that these things happen in the world. But I can tell you, there are really dark, organized groups of people conspiring against the general public. These groups use a knowledge advantage to create a power advantage and vice versa. These groups operate outside of society, but their members often have normal jobs. If you do well in the group, the group can put you at high ranked places in society to protect their interests.

      Note that this all happened in a western-european country. These groups have powerful people in the media, politics and entertainment industry and will infiltrate all new upcoming industries.

      These groups use techniques to manipulate people, and most people don’t have a clue they are being manipulated. They have such an knowledge advantage, it’s childs play for them. If you want more info about this topic, look up Mark Passio. Tough to listen to this guy but I am afraid he knows really well what he is talking about.

      I recognize the way how the public (and politicians) are manipulated, they use the same techniques.

      “2) claims about making a bunch of money.. targeting people like Gates who have more money than they could ever spend, are in the process of actively giving their money away, and have countless other ways of making more money than COVID would produce for them”

      Well maybe Gates intentions are good. I don’t know. I do know I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry, and they surely want to make billions of dollars. The suppression of medications like ivermectin and hcq speaks mountains to me. I do know Gates is big on depopulation for sustainability goals. And if Gates is a member of such a group that I described above, he certainly isn’t hesitant to use vaccines as a way to force this depopulation. He did meed with epstein btw and flew on his jet – after epstein was convicted.

      “Also, with all the above, do you know how hard it is to keep a secret amongst even a tiny group? Estimate how many people would need to be involved and realize that, historically, 5 people can’t keep a secret.”

      Ha yes, I understand where you are coming from, it’s wrong though. This is a common misconception. People that have a strong reason to keep things a secret will keep it. Not a problem. The “Historically” argument does not say anything about everything that is successfully kept a secret. We wouldn’t know wouldn’t we?

      Second, if it does leak out, people are trained to disbelieve it. Classic ways to discredit someone are to say that one is an idiot or a lunatic. If you leak to much secrets and become a thread to one of these groups, you risk ending up killed. So no, these groups are very experienced in keeping their existence a secret.

      • Henry, thank you for sharing your experience, which is truly horrific, and I’m extremely sorry that this happened to you. Honestly, I would have looked on your account with skepticism had we not all recently found out about Epstein’s island.

        I guess people with aberrant urges like that tend to seek out power so they can fulfill their desires.

        But I don’t think any of the responses here have addressed my main point: that if you want more money or more power, intentionally creating a pandemic is a hell of a risky, indirect way to go about it.

        My own theory goes like this:

        1) the virus was an accident. May have evolved naturally, may have been a lab leak – but if it was a lab leak, the lab leak wasn’t intentional

        2) governments were considering a range of responses. Lockdowns were not an insane over-reaction (look at New Zealand, Taiwan, etc), but they were definitely debatable, with all the harm they caused

        3) there are people who think the government should have more power over our lives in general, and there are people who saw that they would make more money if the virus was perceived as more of a threat, and both of these groups opportunistically used the pandemic to push toward lockdowns, surveillance programs, limitations of rights, etc. But it wasn’t pre-planned.

        4) there were also people who just overestimated the threat and were frustrated with people not taking it seriously enough. These people pushed for over-reporting of COVID deaths, for example, although that’s not anywhere as large of a problem as full-blown conspiracy types think.

        I think this explanation covers everything that we’ve witnessed, without requiring a global conspiracy with unclear aims.

        This doesn’t mean that everything is fine, of course, because it’s a major problem that wealthy corporations have the ability to push the government toward policies that benefit them. But I think by looking for a global conspiracy, we miss the chance to address the actual problems.

        • Hi Charles
          A great many societal changes & big business agendas are being implemented & advanced by the pandemic and what it has allowed though? (lockdowns, daily fear inducing news propaganda, massive public spending, coerced injections). Agendas such as new mm wavelength telecoms roll out, inc in low earth orbit (1200 of proposed 40k satellites up so far); cashless & attached surveillance of the population ; UBI (being trialled in UK now, basically financial state handouts for all, if you play nice with the state & also get the jabs – so communism really); new ‘preventative’ medical policy (which means injections for everything; btw a UK baby gets 17 shots in the first 16 weeks of life already!!) which requires constant monitoring of everyone’s health – it’s too coincidental to think they came up with this stuff on the fly. All these things have been drip fed into the public psyche and are now in overdrive. Hence to me it looks like it had to have been planned? Collapse of the integrity, diversity and individuality of the media (4th estate) has been perhaps the biggest key.

    • Charles:

      You said: “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

      The problem with that is if people are not somewhat aware of the possibility of malice, and only attribute an action or behavior to stupidity…..then when malice is finally considered or discovered, it puts the person who naively assumed only stupidity, way behind the eight ball.

      Then again, playing stupid/innocent is often a strategy to keep the competitor or target off balance.

      Here is on possible explanation for why a group of people would create a world pandemic:

      Perhaps China’s oft stated desire for world domination, as well as anyone who would be slated to become even wealthier in such a situation, would be a motivating factor.


      Excerpt: “Grand dreams of world domination are part and parcel of communist ideologies, going all the way back to Karl Marx. For the Chinese, this blends with the country’s own long history.”

  33. 1. Is this is the biggest “medical hoax” in history by the CDC, World Health Organization and Elite Medical Doctors.
    2. How did Johns Hopkins (Bloomberg contributed over 3 Billion $) become the “authority” creating COVID “statistics”! Did it have anything to do with Bloomberg contributing over 3 Billion $?
    3. Notwithstanding, It appears that the general population WITHOUT underlying conditions do not die from COVID.
    4. Didn’t this give the “dark forces” the opportunity to lock-down millions of Americans in addition to small business’s and move that “population” into the “poor” category and perpetual “scarcity”.
    5. Then print Trillions of Dollars to devalue the savings of millions of Americans who have saved their whole lives to retire and now will also be moved into the “poor” “scarcity” group.
    6. The most “CRIMINAL” act was to lock down our children. 1st to deprive them of education and socialization and then insure to put FEAR into them. .
    7. With the population under “control” they Immediately closed down the Keystone pipeline and Fraking on federal land and thereby dramatically INCREASE the cost of living for all Americans including the NOW created millions of MORE “poor” people.
    5. Then print Trillions of Dollars to devalue the money of ALL Americans.
    6. Then send $600.00 checks to the new “scarcity” group and have them be grateful for it.
    Dark Forces is an understatement. I only hope we can overcome this.

  34. Presentation by Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc, who has analyzed the data in the VAERS database related to the COVID shots. Dr. Jessica Rose has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and completed her MSc in Immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. She completed her PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University and then did her first Post Doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Molecular Biology.

    • This is an incredibly well done presentation. Anyone who thinks these vaccines are safe needs to watch it.

  35. On 12 March 2020 the Wuhan lab submitted an article


    in which they used human ACE2 expressing mice to study Covid19.
    In the paper they claimed they obtained the mice from Ralph Baric’s lab. The mice were 8-10 weeks old, so excluding the possibility they were born in Ralph Baric’s lab, they must have been in Wuhan before the pandemic broke out. I think it would be very unscientific to use mice for research that were not bred under stable conditions, so we can safely assume these mice have been in Wuhan for some time.

    However Shi’s lab has not published anything with these mice beforehand. I could not find any publication from them with these mice.

    It would be nice to know when they had gotten these mice from North Carolina and if they indeed got those mice a long time ago, what research they did with them, what their plans were?

  36. On 12 March 2020 Shi’s lab submitted an article

    “Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 in Transgenic Mice Expressing Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2”

    in which they used human ACE2 expressing mice to study Covid19.
    In the paper they claimed they obtained the mice from Ralph Baric’s lab. The mice were 8-10 weeks old, so excluding the possibility they were born in Ralph Baric’s lab, they must have been in Wuhan before the pandemic broke out. I think it would be very unscientific to use mice for research that were not bred under stable conditions, so we can safely assume these mice have been in Wuhan for some time.

    However Shi’s lab had not published anything with these mice beforehand. I could not find any publication from them with these mice.

    It would be nice to know when they had gotten these mice from North Carolina and if they indeed got those mice a long time ago, what research they did with them, what their plans were?

    • Is it me? I don’t see anyone addressing the REAL issues Josh laid out?.

      Putting together all the evidence

      Knowledge beforehand
      Suppression of treatments and cures
      Toxicity of the spike protein which, if it had been made by nature, should have been benign
      Inclusion of the spike protein
      Heavy promotion of scantily-tested vaccines and
      Censorship of scientists and doctors who question the vaccines’ safety


  37. One would like to believe that nothing wrong is going on. But as others have mentioned the downplaying of off patent cheap drugs that seemed to have some degree of effectiveness, the coordinated mainstream downplaying of vitamin D while several studies connected D deficiency to significantly worse outcomes.

    All these things are indeed suggestive of ill intent.

  38. “What does all this mean?

    1. There was a conspiracy between the five authors of the Nature paper and the heads of the NIH, NIAID and Wellcome Trust to cover up the lab origin of COVID.
    2. There was a conspiracy involving Daszac, Fauci and others to push the natural origin theory. (See other emails in the recent drop.)
    3. There was a conspiracy involving Daszac to write the Lancet letter and hide its provenance, to push the natural origin theory and paint any other ideas as conspiracy theory. Collin’s blog post is another piece of this story.
    4. Farrar was intimately involved in both large hydroxychloroquine overdose trials, in which about 500 subjects total died.
    5. Farrar, Fauci and Collins withheld research funds that could have supported quality trials of the use of chloroquine drugs and ivermectin and other repurposed drugs that might have turned around the pandemic.
    6. Are the four individuals named here — Fauci, Daszak, Collins and Farrar — intimately involved in the creation of the pandemic, as well as the prolongation and improper treatments used during the pandemic?


  39. Josh, thank you for this excellent summary. Dark thoughts are perfectly acceptable, and necessary, in dark times. We must deal in the limited light we have (which in other times might be seen as darkness).

    To paraphrase one of my favorite moments from The Flying Circus of decades past, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” What has come upon the world is a “Global Public Health Inquistion” in which counter-Narrative heretics are reviled, excommunicated, and sometimes worse.

    Feel free to email me. I spent decades teaching MPH and MPA courses and know the mindset quite well.

    I will be following your blog regularly from this point forward!

    J.A., Phd.

  40. I just learned of this document. It is a non-disclosure agreement from Dec, 2019, before any public announcement of COVID in Wuhan. Moderna is sending samples of its coronavirus mRNA vaccine candidate to UNC Chapel Hill for testing.


    Apparently, development of an mRNA vaccine for COVID19 was already at an advanced stage before COVID19 was a pandemic. Dr Fauci’s NIAID is implicated as having funded the Moderna research.

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